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Disposable Bed Pad

Disposable Bed Pad

To be used instead of a body worn product, these pads are to be used instead of a body worn product. The pads are embossed to aid absorption while the pads 'wicking' provides an excellent diffusion of liquid throughout the pad.

Washable Bed Pad

Washable Bed Pad

Durable washable bed pads. Soft, comfortable top cover for added comfort. Quilted for faster dispersal of urine.

Single bed 2ltr absorbency

Washable Seat Pad

Washable Seat Pad

Ideal for use in the home, car or wheelchair. Absorbent capacity of 1 litre.

18 1/2 x 23

Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam


Gently loosens and lifts soiling from the skin. Leaves a water repellent on the skin to protect from wetness. Contains high levels of emollients and moisturisers for the cleansing and protection of sore, sensitive, dry or damaged skin.

Comes in 400ml

Nappy Sacks

Nappy Sacks


With odour neutralising fragrance and tie handles.

Vinyl Powder Free


Vinyl Powder Free Gloves


Cost effective glove for tasks with a low risk of exposure to blood or blood stained fluids.

Available in XS S M L XL